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Read all Foundations of Mind papers here. All of the papers have been accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.


The Foundations of Mind collections are copyright © Seán Ó Nualláin; copyrights for the individual papers remain with their respective authors.

We suggest a donation of €20 per download of these superb papers in order to keep viewing of this site free of charge.




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Foundations of Mind I

Cognition & Consciousness


Foundations of Mind II

A Dialog Among Worldviews 


Foundations of Mind III

Reparsing Nature:

Science As If Being Mattered


Foundations of Mind IV

Quantum Mechanics Meets Neurodynamics:

The New Third Millennium Science of Consciousness


Foundations of Mind V

The New AI Scare


Foundations of Mind VI

On Fields

[PDF, 177KB]


Foundations of Mind VII

On Fields


Foundations of Mind VIII

The Physics of Mind and Consciousness


For Foundations of Mind 8, we have two options: Premium Membership provides access to all Foundations of Mind 8 papers; the video archive of presentations at previous FoM events; and an Editor’s Selection of Cosmos and History papers over the years as well as online tutorials. FoM 8 Selected Papers provides selection of papers from Foundations of Mind 8. For seven additional papers, abstracts and keywords are provided; the full papers are available with the Premium Membership. 

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